Adding salt to the table increases risk of premature death, say doctors

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Adding salt to the table increases risk of premature death, say doctors

Many people have the habit of adding a little salt to an already salty dish before eating it. But know that it is with a dangerous gestureas explained by American and Swiss doctors in their article published in the journal European Heart Journal.

According to the study, people who add salt to their food after cooking are more likely to die prematurely. The results showed that those who put salt in their dish saw their risk of dying prematurely increased by 28%.

Add salt

According to Professor Lu Qi of Tulane University, to his knowledge, this is the first study to focus on the relationship between the addition of salt and premature death. He explains that even a small reduction in sodium intakeadding just a little or no salt at the table can provide health benefits.

An expanded study

The study conducted by the researchers involved asking people to answer a questionnaire about their eating habits. They were also asked if they usually added salt when eating. Over 500,000 people from the UK participated in the survey.

During a follow-up that lasted about nine years, doctors recorded 18,474 premature deaths among participants.

Natural protection

For those who cannot do without salt when they are at the table, there is still a solution, as the doctors explain. The fruits and vegetables would be a means of minimize the effects of salt thanks to their high content of potassium.

The results of the study do not show statistically significant benefits, however, Professor Qi indicates that fruits and vegetables have virtues which allow them to reduce the risk of premature death.

Either way, Professor Qi said more studies are needed to better understand eating habits and how they affect the body.

In the meantime, you lose nothing by reducing the amount of salt you put on your plate.

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