Apple improves the sophistication of its security protocols

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Apple improves the sophistication of its security protocols

Operating systems are very often subject to attacks by spyware or malicious scripts. In order to limit the attack windows of these potential threats, Apple has updated its security protocols with a more efficient locking mode. For the time being, these features are not activated by default and will therefore have to be activated manually.

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Indeed, the new locking mode only available in beta version prevents possible spyware attacks by limiting their reach. Thus, applications that have not been downloaded from the App Store will see some of their functions limited, such as the ban on opening a shared photo album.

Finally, Apple also specifies that more options will be added over time. Following the more than convincing performance of this new locking mode, Google is thinking of creating a similar version on Android.

The incredibly well-structured new update

Lock mode, when turned on, enhances device protections and greatly diminishes some features of applications. Therefore, the windows of internal and external spyware attacks are significantly restricted.

Moreover, this protection mode also includes the locking of message attachments apart from images and canceling link previews in posts. Other security protocols even include deleting shared albums and blocking incoming FaceTime calls from unknown numbers.

Finally, additional restrictions cut wired data sharing with a computer or any other device, when an iPhone is in lock mode.

“This protection feature improves device security and significantly reduces certain functionality, greatly decreasing the attack window that could likely be used by highly targeted spyware applications”

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Apple launches a total revolution in the field of security

According to Apple executives, other features will be included over time in subsequent versions of their operating systems. Then, the owners of the apple brand wanted to specify that these features will not be activated by default. It will therefore be necessary turn them on manually in the settings.

In addition, Google and Meta offer similar software features known as Advanced Account Protection and Facebook Protect. These functions are responsible for securing the accounts of individuals at high risk of targeted online attacks. It would not be surprising if Google relied on Apple’s security features to develop a similar version on Android.


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