China is reportedly working on an Artificial Intelligence that can gauge loyalty to the Communist Party

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China is reportedly working on an Artificial Intelligence that can gauge loyalty to the Communist Party

What is the limit of using Artificial Intelligence ? This is a question that we are entitled to ask ourselves with AI, which is beginning to find a place in almost all sectors of activity. According to the latest news, this technology is even used in politics in China.

According to an article by The Timesthe Hefei Comprehensive National Science Center which is in China has just announced the development of a program that uses a rather unusual AI. This AI “would strengthen party building”.

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In a now-deleted post, the Heifei Center said the new program would help solve the “problem” of “guaranteeing the quality of the activities of party members”. In other words, developing AI is capable of determine the level of loyalty of members of the Chinese Communist Party.

What we know about this technology

According to the initial publication that was posted on Weibo, the equipment in question is “a kind of intelligent ideology, using AI technology to extract and integrate facial expressions, EEG data and skin conductivity “.

The publication also said that the purpose of the equipment is to “allowing to know the levels of concentration, recognition and mastery of ideological and political education to better understand its effectiveness.

According to Times, the equipment was tested by reading the brainwaves and analyzing the subjects’ facial scans as they read articles about the Chinese Communist Party. The system then gave a “loyalty score” based on the data collected.

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Even if it is not used in politics, AI can also create controversy and a large number of problems in the lives of citizens. For example, we have already heard of the police using facial recognition or the algorithms used to determine whether someone can receive a bank loan.

When used in the wrong way, Artificial Intelligence can thus be a tool of repression. Hopefully, regulations will progress enough in the future to have a chance of protecting citizens’ privacy.

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