Ford is recalling over 100,000 SUVs due to possible engine fires!

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Ford is recalling over 100,000 SUVs due to possible engine fires!

Ford announced on Friday that it was recalling 100,000 U.S. hybrid vehicles. This new recall affects 2020-2022 Ford Escape, Maverick and Lincoln Corsair models with 2.5-liter hybrid and/or plug-in hybrid (HEV/PHEV) engines. It seems that there is a strong fire potential under the hood of these cars. On top of that, it extends an earlier recall after fire reports.

Ford told The Verge that it is the likely leaks of large amounts of engine oil and fuel vapor in the event of an engine failure, which can consequently accumulate near sources of ignition which subsequently have the power cause a fire under the hood. Furthermore, the company advised its customers to park their cars outside and well away from the structures to avoid any inconvenience until they complete the necessary adjustments. She added, however, that they can drive the cars until September when the necessary spare parts will be available.


The extension of a previous callback

In June, Ford already recalled 2021 Ford Expedition and Lincoln Navigator SUVs because there were high fire risks under the hood. In all, the recall referred to 39,013 vehicles, models that were built between 1D December and April 30, 2021. There were 14 incidents of vehicles from rental companies and two from ordinary customers. Twelve of these incidents happened while the car was parked and turned off. Another had occurred while the car was parked but this time on and the last three incidents involved vehicles on and in motion.

Latest news Ford has renewed this recall and now it affects 66,221 cars which were built from July 27, 2020 to August 31, 2021. As of June, the company had no response yet to the urgency of the situation. , but right now she just found a solution.

Problems and Solutions

The problem comes, according to them, from a change of manufacturer during the Covid-19 pandemic. Ford claims that this supplier’s printed circuit boards had a few issues including sensitivity to a high current short circuit. There were also battery-related safety issues.

The automaker’s solution to battery problems is software. Ford has also implemented a solution which consists of modifying the under-engine shield and the active grille shutter.


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