Moon base with artificial gravity proposed by Japanese scientists

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Moon base with artificial gravity proposed by Japanese scientists

Currently, the NASA plans to bring its astronauts back to the Moon through the program Artemis. But to do better than what had already been done by the astronauts ofApollothe US space agency has establish a permanent base on the surface of the Moon. However, this will not be an easy task considering the harsh conditions of the lunar environment.

Among the parameters that could affect the life of astronauts, in particular their health, there is the lunar gravity which is far less than that of the Earth. This difference could cause adverse health effects in humans. In order to preserve the health of the future “inhabitants” of the Moon, japanese scientists propose to build a moon base with a brand new design which would allow generate artificial gravity similar to that of Earth.

Lunar landscape

The team behind the new lunar base design is made up of experts from Kyoto University and the Kajima Corporation.

A cone-shaped base

During a recent conference, team members unveiled mock-ups of their cone-shaped base called “The Glass”. The model shows a structure made of glass with inhabitants who live their lives as on Earth. Some even drive boats on the water that is level with the inner surface of the base.

According to the information, the structure performs one rotation every 20 seconds. She uses centrifugal forces to recreate the usual levels of gravity for humans.

A necessary step

According to the researchers, this base generating artificial gravity is important because we do not yet know all the effects of a lack of gravity or a weak gravity on the human body. They added that no one has yet been born on the moon and we don’t know the impacts of lunar gravity on the bone density and health of humans who grew up there.

Experts say more studies are needed on the effects of gravity on the body. It also requires long-term solutions that meet more than basic needs like air and water.

In any case, scientists have indicated that we are approaching the day when humans will be able to live in the vacuum of space, on the Moon or on Mars.

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