Recent research has revealed the health effects of e-cigarettes

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Recent research has revealed the health effects of e-cigarettes

the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) recently conducted an assessment of the latest scientific evidence regarding e-cigarettes. This review aims to lift the veil on concerns about these devices.

A young girl smoking an electronic cigarette.

This initiative was motivated by increasing adoption of e-cigarettes, especially among young people. Moreover, public health officials have expressed concern about this health hazard.

E-cigarettes are a health hazard

According to the 2022 NHMRC statement, vapor from e-cigarettes could be harmful, especially to people who have never smoked. The e-liquids would contain more than 200 chemicals, which would expose users to different toxins. These chemicals and toxins could have adverse health effects.

Moreover, in Australia, between 2020 and 2021, calls relating to e-cigarettes sent to poison information centers have increased significantly. e-cigarettes are not smoking cessation aids whose safety and effectiveness have been proven. Users would also be more likely to start smoking real tobacco.

Young people are more likely to become addicted

Statement says more than half of users, especially young people, have tried e-cigarettes ” out of curiosity “. Teenagers would also be more likely to try them if exposed to e-cigarette content on social media. That is why, the risk of addiction is rapidly increasing among young people.

“You had ads in teen magazines…on kids cartoon websites. It’s no wonder this product appealed so much to young people… It was meant for them, and it was available to them. »

Professor Becky Freeman

The concern of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) also focused on the reinfiltration of nicotine products on the Australian market. Tobacco companies would use e-cigarettes because they would be easily accessible to young people.

Action should be taken to restrict access to these harmful products. The implementation of sufficient preventive measures would be essential in order to protect young people from further harm.


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