Researchers invent a new anti-hangover pill

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Researchers invent a new anti-hangover pill

The side effects of alcohol abuse are often very difficult to manage. It is with this in mind that researchers have created a new capsule capable of counter these post-alcoholic situations quickly and efficiently. The promoters of said tablet do not fail to proclaim the exploits of their miracle capsule. However, relevant questions are being heard from worried populations.

Businessman having a hangover

Indeed, the famous anti-hangover pill is capable of combat large doses of alcohol in about a few minutes in the blood. The main active ingredients of the capsule are two bacteria which lodge patiently in the small intestine of the individual who has ingested them while waiting for the alcohol to appear.

In addition, the pills were marketed in UK by the Swedish company Myrkl. However, this company has not yet shed light on the many concerns already raised on the subject.

Particularly surprising results

According to the statements of the manufacturers, the capsule would be able to break down in just one hour. 80% alcohol content in a person’s body. However, it should be taken approximately 1 hour before the ingestion of any alcoholic compound.

In fact, once ingested, the capsule crosses the stomach and lodges in the small intestine of the individual. This feat is possible, because each tablet has a capsule resistant to stomach acids. Then, at the small intention, each pill releases two bacteria (Bacillus subtilis and Bacillus coagulan), produced from fermented rice bran. These microorganisms naturally break down alcohol in water and CO2.

There is, however, a suspicion of bogus evidence

Despite the more than convincing evidence of the action of their pills, the researchers who put this product on sale seem skew their test results. As evidence, only 14 test results were published out of the 24 that took place. Other studies even found that alcohol was absorbed differently in young people and adults.

Therefore, the results of the experiments varied from individual to individual. So questions arose. Would the pills have side effects on their takers? For now, no concrete answer not a single press release was given by the scientistss to confirm or refute them.


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