Tesla vehicles can now adjust their suspension for potholes

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Tesla vehicles can now adjust their suspension for potholes

You’re here has just offered some of its vehicles quite an interesting new ability. After a new on-board software update, affected vehicles can now scan the surface on which they evolve for detect potholes and other defects. The vehicle can then generate “bad road map data” and control adaptive suspension. This will allow the car adjust the height for more comfort.

We had already heard about this ability in 2020. Elon Musk had posted on Twitter that such a function was coming to Tesla vehicles. In the company’s statement about the new feature, it says that the suspension adjustment can snap in various placesas available, and as the vehicle downloads bad road maps generated by other Tesla cars.

Tesla Model S
Credits ©benwehrman/123RF.COM

Thus, the more a road is used by Tesla cars, the more accurate the data will be regarding faults and potholes.

Not all models are affected

According to the information, this new feature will only be accessible by certain vehicle modelsin particular the Model S and the Model X which have adaptive suspensions. At this time, we do not know if the Model 3 and Model Y will also be able to scan the roads even if they do not have adaptive suspension. Model 3 and Model S each have a total of 8 cameras.

To be able to operate the new functionality, the vehicle must first have received the update 2022.20. Then, you have to adjust a few parameters from the on-board screen.

A more practical feature

This is not the first time that a car manufacturer has considered equipping its vehicles with technology to scan roads. Some companies like Ford have, for example, offered functions that detect individual potholes and instantly dampen the suspension.

Either way, Tesla’s system could be more practical by simply smoothing out the driving parameters on known bad road areas.

SOURCE: Engadget

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