Will the Apple Watch Series 8 have a body temperature sensor?

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Will the Apple Watch Series 8 have a body temperature sensor?

Last year, the release of the Apple Watch 7 was highly anticipated. Followers of the popular Apple Watch also wanted changes to be made to the new series. Unfortunately, the only difference noted was a larger screen than the previous one. The new Apple Watch 8, on the other hand, will be more efficient since, according to rumours, a body temperature sensor will be integrated into it.

Thanks to this tool, its user will be notified of any changes. According to a report by Mark Gurman of Bloomberg, the watch could detect unusual temperature rises so that its user could quickly seek medical advice or use a thermometer.


A temperature sensor may be the new highlight of the new Apple Watch 8 series

For the moment, the integration of a sensor in the Apple Watch 8 is not yet certain. But Gurman said the idea would still be subject to internal testing. In 2021, the latter mentioned that Apple was in the testing phase of this new feature. So a few months ago, he further reinforced that this will indeed take place. Moreover, supply chain analyst Ming-Chi Kuo had claimed that it is highly likely that the long-awaited sensor will be launched by the end of the year.

In addition to detecting fever, this sensor will also be able to monitor fertility in women. Indeed, detecting the different variations in body temperature makes it possible to determine the favorable period for conceiving. So far, there are no clues whether or not Apple will incorporate this feature into its new Apple Watch series.

Will the Apple Watch 8 be very different from its predecessor?

The existence of the sensor is only rumor so far. Separately, Gurman had mentioned that the change to Series 8 would be minor. This hints at improving its display. In terms of performance, it would be similar to the 7 and 6 series. The most important thing is that in terms of its processor, Apple does not plan any modifications before the year 2023.

What saddens users even more is that the long-awaited new series of AirPods will not come with the temperature and heart rate sensor. Indeed, the new AirPods Pro was to be dedicated to athletes and sports enthusiasts.


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