Did you know ? Waze can now speak to you with a Marseille or ch’ti accent!

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Did you know ? Waze can now speak to you with a Marseille or ch’ti accent!

Recently, with the Waze application, it is now possible to replace the monotonous voice of guidance with a multitude of regional accents. This is a new update to the app so that it is in tune with the different regional languages.

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You can choose between the accents: Marseilles, Toulouse or ch’ti during your next journeys.

Three regional accents to customize Waze’s guidance voice

The Waze navigation app therefore allows its users to choose between three regional accents to personalize the guidance voice during their journeys. These three accents are represented by the routes named Antonin, Bilou’t and Mireille. To tell you more, know that Antonin is the voice that carries the Toulouse accent. Bilou’t, meanwhile, is distinguished by his ch’ti accent.

Without overdoing it, note that this voice will make you feel like you’re sitting alongside Dany Boon. Finally, Mireille’s voice is the one with the Marseille accent. You should know that this new Waze feature brings together a multitude of local expressions. In addition, these voices were chosen by motorists themselves following a survey launched on social networks.

Know that the voices were recorded by actors who sometimes had to force their features a little. So it wouldn’t be surprising if the different accents made you smile from time to time.

Waze: an all-in-one GPS and Radio app

Apart from the new accents integrated into Waze, it is completely reinvented by now offering simultaneous listening between the GPS and the radio. You can actually follow stations like RTL, RTL2 and Fun Radio directly via Waze.

Firstly, this allows the driver to avoid juggling between the different applications. So you can better concentrate on driving and avoid taking your eyes off the road.

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