F1 to F12 keyboard keys: What are they for?

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F1 to F12 keyboard keys: What are they for?

Located on the top row of your computer keyboard, F1-F12 keys can make your job easier and help you save time. These keys allow you to access very useful shortcuts in Windows, Chrome, Word, Excel, etc.

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To find out what each of these keys is for, we invite you to read the different paragraphs of this article. You will then enjoy using them.

The F1 key

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This key allows you to access the help menu for any application or internet browser in use.. By pressing for example F1 in Chrome or Firefox, a small window will open. You can then type in your concern to get answers. You can also use this key to hide or show the options section of Word and Excel, as well as the toolbar of Windows. To do this, you must click Ctrl + F1. If you press F1 at the same time as the Shift key, you will see the task pane displayed. On another side, on Mac, the F1 key reduces the brightness of the screen.

The F2 key

On Windows, the F2 key is used to rename any selected folder or file. It also gives you the option to change the active cell if you are writing in Excel. If you’re using Word and you click Ctrl+F2, you’ll preview the file you’re working on before printing. In Microsoft Office, you can quickly access the document library by pressing Alt+Ctrl+F2. In addition, the F2 key allows you to increase the brightness of the screen if you have a Mac computer.

The F3 key

The F3 key opens the search function in the web browser or software you are using. Thus, you can easily search for words on a web page for example. In Word, you can change the font state (uppercase or lowercase) by pressing the Shift key and the F3 key simultaneously. On a Mac, the key in question activates or deactivates the “Mission Control” function. The latter allows you to benefit from a global view of all open windows while you work on your computer. Also, the F3 key is used to copy selected content to the clipboard if you’re writing in Word on a Mac.


The F4 key

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Pressing Alt + F4 closes the current software or web browser window in Windows. It is therefore an effective technique that you can employ to quickly quit a program. Additionally, you can close the active tab in major web browsers by performing this action: Ctrl + F4. The F4 key also allows you to place the cursor in the address bar of a web browser or on the file explorer in Windows. In Apple, you can use this key to access the Launchpad menu. This includes all the applications present on a Marc. If you are using Word, the F4 key allows you to instantly paste the contents of the Clipboard.

The F5 key

The F5 key refreshes a web page in your browser. This is still very important, since the content of a page you are viewing may change at any time. If you want to clear the cache, i.e. temporarily saved data, try this combination: CTRL+F5. In Word, this key is used to open the ” Find and replace” and it is used to display the dialog box “ Go to “. This key is also the ideal shortcut to start a presentation if you use PowerPoint. On Mac, the F5 key decreases the light intensity of the keys.

The F6 key

On Windows, the F6 key allows you to reach the address bar of your internet browserin one movement. You can also access the tab by pressing this key a second time. In Word, you can easily switch between open files by trying this combination: CTRL+Shift+F6 . On Macs, you can use this key to increase the light intensity of the keys . Associated with the four directional arrows, the F6 key also gives you the possibility of moving in the menus of a software without using your mouse.

The F7 key

This key accesses the spelling and grammar check of an active file or document in Word.This also applies to any word processing software that has this feature. If you are working in Windows, click Alt + F7 to perform this check. On Mac, the F7 key allows you to go back when playing a media file in iTunes or VLC. If you are looking for a synonym and you have a Windows computer, press Shift+F7to take advantage of the thesaurus function.

The F8 key

In Windows, you can enable safe mode when your computer boots by pressing the F8 key. Performing this action avoids some operating bugs. On Mac, this key pauses a media file that is playing in iTunes. F8 is also used to enlarge a selection when using Word in Apple. If you select for example a word, the size of this one extends to a sentence. Other than that, you can enable extended mode in Excel through the said key.

The F9 key

Used in an email application like Outlook, the F9 key checks for new emails and forces emails to be sent. Clearly, this shortcut key allows you to send and receive emails in some software. If you want to insert empty fields in Word, press CTRL+F9 . This key is also used to update selected fields in Apple. You can also use it to skip to the next media file in iTunes on Mac.

The F10 key

This key allows you to highlight the elements of the open window.It is also used to switch to another tab and access Windows cursors. You can open the Windows context menu by performing Shift + F10. Thus, you can perform this combination instead of right-clicking with the mouse button on the desktop, on a web browser or on a file. In Word, you can press Ctrl + F10 to maximize the active window. If you are working on your Mac, you can use the F10 key to enable or disable your PC audio .

The F11 key

If you want your internet browser to be in full screen mode, just press the F11 key. This allows you to work more comfortably on your computer. To exit this mode, click this button again. In Word, F11helps you move to the next field. If you have a Mac, use this key to decrease the audio volume . In Excel, you will automatically see a new worksheet appear if you also press the key. Shift+F11.

The F12 key

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This key gives access to the function ” Save as “ in Word. You can also directly save the file if you press Shift+F12or open a document if you use this shortcut: CTRL+F12. If you try this combination: Ctrl+Shift+F12you will access the print function.In a web browser, the F12 key allows you to see the source code of the page consulted. This function is particularly useful for developers and webmasters.On Mac, this key is used to increase the audio volume.

In short, learning how to properly use the F keys on your computer keyboard is a huge time saver when working on your device. Note that on PC, you must press the Fn key to take advantage of the various functions associated with the F1 to F12 keys.

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