In Google Maps, this widget shows the evolution of traffic in real time

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In Google Maps, this widget shows the evolution of traffic in real time

The Android and iOS operating systems have just welcomed a brand new Google Maps widget. The latter will allow users to consult the evolution of traffic on the main roads in real time.

Google Maps

Google is constantly working to improve its services to ensure a better experience for its users. In this sense, the company has recently incorporated some very interesting new improvements into Google Maps. Thanks to these, you will be able to consult the most economical and environmentally friendly routes.

The navigation tool also provides the air quality index and the price of tolls. However, in the coming weeks, Google Maps will welcome a brand new feature that will make the app even more convenient. A new widget will soon be launched and will allow you to see the state of road traffic in real time.

A permanent view of current traffic

As announced by Google in a blog post, this widget will provide a full view of traffic conditions before hitting the road. Users will be able to add it directly to their home screen in order to quickly consult any traffic jams on the main roads.

You will certainly have understood it, it will not be necessary to launch the Google Maps application before having an overview of the traffic situation. This is therefore a real time saver. Also note that the widget will have buttons to zoom in or zoom out the map to facilitate access to information.

So you can easily avoid traffic jams just by glancing at your home screen. Besides, it should be pointed out that the said widget will be available on all Android and iOS devices.

You will then only have to wait a few more weeks to benefit from it in France. This is great news, as the price of tolls and the air quality index will only be available towards the end of the year.

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