Serial killer orcas are decimating white sharks!

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Serial killer orcas are decimating white sharks!

A pair of male killer whales rages near the coast of Garsbaai in South Africa. In particular, they perpetrated several attacks against white sharks which they completely shredded. Recently, eight dead white sharks were found without their liver or heart on the nearby beaches. It is true that killer whales attack all kinds of animals, ranging from small fish to large sharks, but these serial killings are really rare. The scientists are concerned about these abuses carried out against white sharks.

A white shark jumps out of the water.

Indeed, the population white sharks in area a significantly decreased these last months. Indicators and observations made on the spot indicated that this situation has directly impacted the local economy and underwater fauna. Indeed, white sharks avoided the regions from the coast of Gansbaai as soon as killer whales swam nearby.

Frightened, the sharks were then forced to abandon their territories always.

Tourism economy hurt by killer orcas

Recall that Garsbaai is a old fishing village in the south of the Western Cape province. Became a popular tourist spotit attracts tourists from all over the world who want to see whales and sharks. They particularly appreciate the main attraction which consists of diving into a cage for swimming near large sharks.

Prior to this incident, white sharks were present all year round in Garsbaai. Unfortunately, all that changed when the two shark-eating orcas arrived. Indeed, before the first attacks of 2017, at least three white sharks have been detected near the coast. Now he is extremely difficult to find in the sector, which has impacted tourist activity In the region.

The forced migration of white sharks alters the local marine ecosystem

This forced migration of white sharks has a lasting impact on the local marine ecosystem. Indeed, the great white shark considered the king of all sharks is found at the top of the food chain. They are then essential to maintain balance and diversity animal populations that live in the ocean.

Following their absence, a new species of shark, the Carcharhinus brachyryum or copper shark, has been spotted in the surrounding waters. natural prey white sharks, the copper sharks were then able to reproduce quietly and their number has increased. Faced with this situation, scientists keep looking actively the reasons for these massacres in series.


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