BMW is the latest to adopt Google’s Android Automotive

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BMW is the latest to adopt Google’s Android Automotive

The car manufacturer BMW announced this week that from now on, the operating system called Android Automotive will be an integral part of some of its future cars. The company initially plans to develop its own infotainment software called BMW Operating System 8 based on Android Automotive from March 2023 on certain vehicle models. Secondly, BMW intends to maintain the already existing version which is based on Linux.

This operating system from Google is indeed making its way into the automotive industry. Stephan Durach, BMW Group’s lead developer for digital driving experiences, called the move a second technology move. He said they integrate either their own in-house development or the most suitable Open Source or commercial software products.


What is Android Automotive?

Android Automotive but not Android Auto. Both are different. The first is a complete car operating system that offers the possibility of being linked to a car infotainment as well as the relative instrument clusters. The second is a system that connects your phone to Google’s dashboard. It is the equivalent of CarPlay for Apple.

The goal of the giant Google with the marketing of its Android Automotive system is to make it popular with many car brands. For now, BMW has made no mention of how far this system will be modified. What the company has hinted about Android Automotive is that it might get an over-the-air software update.

BMW is behind its competitors?

Usually, BMW is ahead of new connectivity technologies. For example, the company was an early adopter of wireless Apple CarPlay. But not only. She was also one of the first to incorporate Apple’s version of the feature that makes phones key, so you don’t need a key fob.

But this time around, BMW was the latest to use Android Automotive as the system gained notoriety some time ago. Indeed, several brands have adopted the system before it, namely: Polestar, several Volvo models, GMC Hummer EV, Honda as well as certain future Ford and Lincoln cars.


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