Polestar 3 will enter the market at €75,000!

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Polestar 3 will enter the market at €75,000!

Polestar’s electric SUV will not be launched immediately but in October. The brand has, however, shared some information regarding the initial prices. Indeed, earlier this week, Polestar CEO Thomas Ingenlath said at Automotive News Europe that the Polestar 3 price range will be between €75,000 and €110,000.

Currently, the euro and dollar are roughly the same value so this first electric SUV from Polestar will start in the US then at $75,700 and top out at $110,000. Polestar 3 will thus rank in the world of electric vehicles alongside Tesla Model Y and Rivian R1S. For information, the cost of the first was $69,990 before incentives while the second was at $72,500.

Polestar 3
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The specificities of the Polestar 3

This EV car model is the company’s first SUV. But it’s also the first Polestar car to be produced, at least partially, in the United States. And it doesn’t stop there as the Polestar 3 will be the first of three new models that will make their debut in the coming years. As a reminder, one of the company’s objectives is to market its products in 30 markets by the end of next year.

As of now we don’t have any additional information yet but as it looks this all new EV SUV model will be like the Polestar 2 as it will also come with 4 wheel drive, twin motor transmission and a range of 600 km. Construction will also take place in the United States and China.

A vehicle of the same caliber as those in the Cayenne range

The Polestar SUV will be released at the beginning of October, on the 3rd more exactly. With VAT, these cars will launch between $62,250 and $93,200 while the 2022 Porsche Cayenne will start at $73,650 and the Cayenne S will start at $92,350.

So it just so happens that the price and performance of this Polestar novelty defies those of the Cayenne range. And according to Autoblog, Polestar will challenge the Germans even more in 2023 with the Polestar 4 which he dubs as the rival of Porsche Macan.


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