Steam will soon work on Tesla Arcade

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Steam will soon work on Tesla Arcade

Elon Musk continues to put innovation at the heart of his businesses. This time, he plans to integrate the Steam platform into his line of Tesla vehicles. The origin of the partnership between Tesla and Steam is above all the fact that many Tesla owners show a great interest in games.

Remember that, since January 2021, these Tesla car owners can use their on-board screen as a portable gaming hub, thanks to the “Arcade mode” integrated into Tesla vehicles. The main idea was to occupy the owners during refills. Over time, the company has expanded its collection of in-car games by incorporating Cuphead, Bach Buggy Racing 2, and Sonic the Hedgehog 1. The addition of Steam’s digital library could greatly expand this library of games.

Tesla Model S

Tesla invests heavily in integrating video games into its system

CEO Elon Musk said earlier this year that Tesla is considering integrating “Valve’s Steam” online video game store into its vehicles. And recently, he added that the company is getting closer to that goal and even plans to do a demo next month. The purpose of this project is to entertain car owners when they are in parking lots or during charging.

From the rumors of the corridors, Tesla would consider offering paid packages of various video games inside its vehicles. These would apply in the same line of business as Valve’s Steam, PlayStation or Xbox Live store. However, we don’t know if the integration will allow users to purchase games on Steam while seated in their vehicle or if there will be games that Tesla cannot support.

Tesla got a lot of flak over its built-in gaming feature

The ability to play video games while the car is in motion has drawn a lot of negative reviews from the National Traffic Safety Administration or NHTSA. While initially the feature was only available to drivers when the cars are in parks.

Even the New York Times wrote a long article on the subject. This is how Tesla reversed his decision and once again unplugged the gameplay while driving. Nevertheless, the games functions dedicated to the rear passengers are very popular.


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