The new TicWatch flagship smartwatch will compete with the Pixel Watch

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The new TicWatch flagship smartwatch will compete with the Pixel Watch

In recent years, smartwatches have gained ground. Most of the technology giants offer them, with features that are just as attractive as each other. We cite Apple Watch, Google Pixel Watch and Mobvoi’s TicWatch which has just joined the sphere.

Recently, Mobvoi emailed some customers inviting them to join its early access program for the upcoming Wear OS flagship. There are no details on the smartwatch in question but everything suggests that it is the TicWatch Pro 4.

TicWatch Pro 4
Photo Credits: Chris Wedel / Android Central

Will the TicWatch Pro 4 live up to its predecessors?

It seems that the TicWatch Pro 4 will arrive with a “Premium design” and will be the flagship of the brand. It will also receive Google’s elusive third-generation operating system. Among the features stated in the email is one on long battery life but also support for NFC payments with Google Play and GPS as well as IP68 waterproof protection. The watch will also have a speaker and a microphone. All are characteristics of a high-end watch!

In the report that Movboi sent, we also found that the TicWatch Pro 4 is able to monitor irregular heartbeats such as atrial fibrillation as well as stress and fatigue levels. The company added that there will be a big improvement over the TicWatch Pro 3. You can expect over 72 hours of battery life.

Wear OS wowed a lot of people

Formerly called Android Wear, “Wear OS” is a smartwatch operating system that Google created specifically to compete with the powerful Apple Watch. Besides, devices running the said OS haven’t really wreaked havoc in the market apart from Movboi with its TicWatch brand and Fossil with its successful smartwatch series.

Apple has therefore always dominated the market but this may change thanks to the next TicWatch Pro 4 or even its successors. That’s why Google is investing heavily in Wear OS. But for the same, we are eagerly waiting for its release to find out more.


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