According to the French health authorities, charcuterie products are one of the causes of colon cancer

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According to the French health authorities, charcuterie products are one of the causes of colon cancer

That does not like charcuterie products ? These foods are among the favorites of gourmets, but doctors have just to confirm that eating sausages or salami was not not really beneficial for health, especially at the level of the colon.

Of the French health officials have just announced that they have been able to prove that nitrates used for preservation charcuterie products had a link with colon cancer. This discovery was made by thehandles Where National Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health Safety which is the French food safety regulatory body. The results obtained by this organization align with those of a study carried out by the WHO in 2015 and who said that the salted and processed red meats belonged to the category of carcinogens. In this category, we find asbestos, alcohol, arsenic and tobacco.


According to an article from Guardian, the French government quickly reacted to the recommendation of ANSES to “limit exposure through food”. We know a plan is in the works to reduce the use of nitrates.

A complicated decision

One might think that banning the use of nitrates in the diet would suffice to eliminate the threat, but it is not that simple. France is one of the largest charcuterie producers in the world, and banning the use of preservatives needed by the industry could have negative impacts on the industry.

This fact has not escaped the notice of the French authorities, who have indicated that it is to limit the use of nitrates to what is strictly necessary. Officials have indicated that the reduction in use will have to be done in a balanced way to ensure food safety for consumers.

A reduction in the use of preservatives could, however, cause another type of problem. According to ANSES, it could lead to more cases of food-related diseases such as botulism or the spread of salmonella.

The proposed solutions

In its press release, ANSES did not fail to propose solutions. There is for example the shortening of the duration before the expiration date products or modification of preparation processes.

On the consumer side, these solutions mean that they should avoid keeping products too long, source from local producers, but also choose as much as possible products that come directly from the farm.

Thus, while waiting for the measures proposed by the government, it would be preferable to reduce the consumption of deli meats as much as possible.

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