More than 500 women are suing Uber for kidnapping and sexual assault

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More than 500 women are suing Uber for kidnapping and sexual assault

A new problem taints Uber’s reputation. According CNBCthe company is today pursued by more than 500 women. The latter claim to have been sexually assaulted by company drivers.

In the complaint filed by the plaintiffs, it can be read that “several women who have been passengers in several states have been kidnapped, sexually assaulted, beaten, raped, wrongfully imprisoned, tracked, harassed or attacked” by Uber drivers.


The lawsuit was filed by a San Francisco law firm, and the firm said it was signed by around 550 clients with at least 150 other declarations to verify.

Safety is not a priority for Uber

Recently, Uber released its second safety report. The document shows that the number of reports of sexual assaults in the 5 most serious categories has down 38%. This number fell from 5,981 in 2017 and 2018 to 3,824 in 2019 and 2020. However, this drop could have a link with the Covid-19 pandemic which saw a drop in journeys made by the company in 2020 and 2021. In the report, Uber’s chief legal officer, Tony West, says they are constantly innovating and investing in the security of their platform.

In response to this report, the law firm representing the plaintiffs said that safety was not Uber’s priority. According to Adam Slater, co-founding partner of the firm Slater Slater Schuman LLP, Uber’s entire business model is based on transporting passengers safely, but passenger safety has never been their concern. He added that in recent years the company has recognized this sexual assault crisisbut his response was slow and inappropriate, with dire consequences.

Among Uber’s improper actions, the lawyers cited the fact that the company has been lax in recruiting its drivers. For example, Uber hired drivers without taking their fingerprints and checking their information against the FBI database. It is also Uber’s policy not to report criminal activity, including assault and rape, to authorities.

Uber’s response

We are still awaiting Uber’s official response to this complaint. However, a company spokesperson told Fox Business that he could not comment on ongoing litigation. But according to him, “Uber takes reports of this nature very seriously and has worked closely with advocates to develop a survivor-centered approach to handling such cases.”

It’s not not the first time that Uber is facing a lawsuit based on sexual assault. Let’s wait and see what kind of strategy the passenger transport giant will adopt this time around.

SOURCE: Engadget

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