A robot dog with an assault rifle

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Robot dogs, including the famous Spot from Boston Dynamics, continue to show us their incredible agility and versatility. However, some uses are cold in the back. The people of New York had been very critical of seeing Spot assist the police. But the most worrying so far is Spur, a version developed by Ghost Robotics for military use and equipped with an assault rifle.

The latter seems to have given ideas to others, since a video of a new robot-dog equipped with an assault rifle is making the rounds on social networks. Posted in March on YouTube, the news went unnoticed until it was shared on Twitter. The robot is owned by Alexander Atamanov, a Russian entrepreneur and founder of the Hoversurf company based in California.

The robot dog equipped with an assault rifle shoots at targets. © Alexander Atamanov, YouTube

A copy of Spot that does not handle recoil well

Despite the striking resemblance, it is not Boston Dynamics spot. This is one of many copies. All gate to believe that it is the Go1 of Unitree, sold between 3,000 and 4,000 euros on AliExpress. Or one twentieth of the price of Spot, which costs 74,500 dollars. In the video, the robot seems to be able to withstand the recoil of sniping, provided they are spaced a second or two apart. However, burst shots are more complicated. The device tilts back and has to reposition itself each time.

It will probably not be the last robot of this type to be equipped with a weapon. In June, a user of the social network Weibo shared photos and a video showing the Chinese military training with a robot dog. The post also contains two images where the robot carries an assault rifle and a grenade launcher. It remains to be seen if this kind of robot will be piloted remotely, or if on the contrary we are moving towards a dystopian world where weapons will be controlled by a artificial intelligence.

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