This new process is more efficient for making nanomaterials

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This new process is more efficient for making nanomaterials

Nanomaterials are increasingly widespread on today’s market and it is important to respond to this strong demand by improving their manufacturing process. In this logic, two large structures specialized in the search for technological solutions have had the ambition accelerate the manufacturing process of nanomaterials. So far, no material has been produced, but the hypotheses of the project’s results are very convincing.

Scientists doing research in a laboratory

Indeed, the CARES (Center for Advanced Research and Education) in Singapore and NTUitive, (NTU Singapore’s innovation and enterprise company) were the research performers. Supported with $6.5 million, the project called WIDE (Accelerated, Manufacturing Platform for Engineered Nanomaterials) will be in the standards of the latest industries.

In addition, CARES is part of the program NRF CREATE (Campus for Research Excellence and Technological Enterprise). This prestigious center was established in 2013 between the University of Cambridge, NTU Singapore and the National University of Singapore.

Implementation of a high-performance automated factory

Ultimately, the project will develop a software and hardware infrastructure that will be able to increase the efficiency and productivity of nanomaterials. There is an urgent need for such a technological evolution since nanomaterials are commonly used. In reality, this material is used in antimicrobial coatings, energy storage devices and composite materials. Current demand is therefore quite strong.

In addition, to respond effectively to this request, the new technology will be scaled in an automated factory adopting Industry 4.0 practices. Compared to conventional factories, the AMPLE approach is expected to be more than 100 times more efficient, significantly reducing experimental workload and improving the quality of nanomaterials.

Development of fruitful partnerships for a collective interest

To facilitate the smooth running of this major project, NTUitive has volunteered to support AMPLE in its stewardship of intellectual property. To achieve this, close collaboration will take place with CARES on the front of technology development and commercialization. In addition, NTUitive will manage the financing of the project in conjunction with NRF.

Incidentally, funding will come from the NRF’s Central Gap Fund, thus encouraging the cross-participation of academia and industry. In addition, this initiative aims to support the translation of research findings into scalable solutions that generate economic and societal benefits for Singapore.


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