Obtaining a diploma thanks to the recognition of prior learning (RPL), it is possible!

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Obtaining a diploma thanks to the recognition of prior learning (RPL), it is possible!

Recognition of prior learning is a procedure for taking into consideration all of an individual’s training and experience. This can be work experience, previous formal training, short courses or professional development.

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The knowledge and experience obtained during previous studies or employment are therefore officially recognized. Thus, the individual will be able to benefit from a credit for the courses and a reduction of the tuition fees at the Torrens University in Australia.

Any experience could be credited

Through this approach, learning resulting from a structured course that does not result in formal accreditation could be credited. Learning from autodidacty, life experience, a hobby, or even leisure activities will also be officially recognised.

“Thanks to the recognition of prior learning, I obtained credits for my previous study experience. This meant that I completed my course in less time and saved tuition fees, which made a big difference. The course and career counselors helped me through the application process and I was happy to have a head start. It helped me get off to a faster start in my career. »

Scott Young, MBA student at Torrens University

The skill acquired must have a connection with the branch for which the candidate has applied. A knitting hobby, for example, cannot be credited for a business degree. However, this could be accepted if the applicant has listed their products as a sole proprietorship.

Applicants demonstrate how their experience relates to the courses in question. Qualified professionals then review the applications. Each postulation is assessed individually.

Advisors willing to enlighten potential candidates

To be able to enter Torrens University, you must first get an offer to sign up. Note that all applicants are subject to standard entry requirements. You must then apply for recognition of prior learning. by completing the form corresponding to this request. Showing evidence of prior learning or experience is also required.

Course and career counselors are available to anyone interested in this program. Potential candidates can discuss their previous experiences or university policy to clarify the subject. They can also talk about how they might be credited for earning a degree.


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