The Pixel 6a is available in France: what to remember from the new Google smartphone?

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It’s a tradition at Google: each flagship of the smartphone range pixel receives a few months after its release a declination symbolized by a “small” a. There were the Pixel 3a, 4a5a and since July 21, it is possible to order the Pixel 6a.

As its name suggests, it is the little brother of the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, and Google opted to keep the same design with that prominent stripe on the back of the device. It’s bulky, even unsightly, but at the same time, it offers good stability when you put the smart phone on a table.

The camera punch is centered on the slab, and the photo sensors are hidden in a wide thick band.  ©Google

Some commonalities with the Pixel 6

On the side of the commonalities, there is also the processor home Tensor developed by Google, the readerfingerprints under the screen secured by the chip Titan M2, and 5G compatibility. For the photo part, argument number 1 of the Pixels, Google has chosen to mix what made the success of its previous devices. Thus the 8 megapixel front camera of the Pixel 6 is still there. Same thing for the 12 million pixel wide-angle sensor. On the other hand, the main sensor goes from 50 to 12 million pixels. It’s the same sensor as on the Pixel 5a. The good news is that artificial intelligence is in the game for photo correction, as well as the magic eraser tool.

On the side of the screen, reduction also since it is a screen OLED 6.1 inches refreshed to 60 Hz against a 6.4-inch OLED panel with a 90 Hz refresh rate for the Pixel 6. Even the screen technology is different with Gorilla Glass Victory for the Pixel 6 against Gorilla Glass 3 for his little brother. It’s a little more fragile if the device falls to the ground, or if it suffers scratches. Remember that the Pixel 6 Pro has an even larger screen: 6.7 inches diagonally refreshed at 120 Hz.

The Magic Eraser allows you to simply erase an intruder on a photo.  ©Google

A reduced price and a free gift until the 1er august

In the game of the seven differences, we also note that the battery undergoes a slight modification since it goes from 4,616 mAh for the Pixel 6 to 4,410 mAh. As the refresh rate of the screen is lower, it should not be felt at the level of theautonomy. On the other hand, in terms of general performance, the increase from 8 to 6 GB should be felt in the speed of photo processing or when using several apps simultaneously. For data storage, mainly videos and photos, it will be 128 GB, without the possibility of doubling the capacity, which is the case on the Pixel 6.

The very good news is the price: only 459 euros. It’s 200 euros less than the Pixel 6, and it’s the price of a mid-range smartphone but with some high-end features. The other good news is that for any order placed before 1er August, Google offers the listeners wireless Pixel Buds A-Seriesworth 99 euros, and whose merits we praised during our tests.

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