Microsoft has found a way to limit ransomware

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To inject ransomware remotely on a Windows PC, two main methods are used. The use ofidentifiers already compromised that are available on the vast data base in free access or paying on Internetor the so-called brute force attack which will generate Passwords until you find the right sesame. But, in practically all cases, the weak link which makes it possible to use one of these two methods on a remote computer, remains the RDP access protocol.

To block or rather mitigate the range of brute force attacks via RDP, Microsoft has just reacted and provides a security update for Windows 11. The idea is simply to completely lock user accounts for ten minutes in the event of repeated access via access to remote officethat is to say when the attackers use the famous RDP protocol.

David Weston, vice president of security at Microsoft, announced the activation of the default lock function on his Twitter account. © Twitter

Increase attack time to discourage

The accounts affected by this automatic locking are not only the most sensitive, that is to say those of administrators, but also limited user accounts. After the ten minutes of blocking, if ten other attempts are made, the account is again locked for ten minutes. With this process, brute force attacks are targeted. These hindrances with the temporary blocking of accounts do not at all prevent an attack in Brute force, but it comes to limit them, because they require to persist much longer on an account. At this time, the update is available only to recipients of the Insider program. It should also be distributed for Windows 10. If this update adds this default lock, you should know that in reality it is already possible to activate the function via Windows 10 and 11 registry.

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