Sono Sion: the electric and solar minivan arrives in 2023

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Sono Motors finally seems to be on target. The German firm has unveiled the production version of its electric minivan at solar energy Sono Sion and says it is ready to start production from the second half of 2023. This is the culmination of an adventure that began in 2016 and led to the manufacture of no less than 37 prototypes.

The body of the Sound Sion is covered with 456 half-photovoltaic cells which are integrated into the covers, roof and doors. This device is supposed to provide up to 112 km of range per week, depending on sunlight conditions. The manufacturer claims that it will be possible to make short journeys in total energy autonomy, with solar charging taking place when the vehicle is stationary. For greater distances, the electric car is equipped with a 54 kWh battery which provides up to 305 km of autonomy. It supports a 75 kW recharge in direct current and 11 kW in alternating current. Sono Motors has also provided two-way charging in order to be able to power “electronic devices, the home or other electric cars with a power of up to 11 kW”. The speed maximum is set at 140 km/h.

The final design has undergone some retouching compared to the prototypes, in particular at the level of the headlights, the access hatch to the charging port and the handles of doors. Inside, we find the system of filtration of the’air made of mousse which is integrated into the width of the dashboard. There is more storage, the steering wheel as well as the seats have been redesigned and customers will be able to choose several options of colors and garnishes.

Sono Motors has developed a photovoltaic kit for city buses.  © Sono Motors

19,000 reservations for Sono Sion

According to Sono Motors, the price of its electric minivan and solar should be around 25,126 euros. The company says it has registered 19,000 bookings so far. The Sono Sion will be produced in Finland by Valmet Automotive from next year. Sono Motors says it’s aiming for a volume 257,000 vehicles in seven years.

Besides this automotivethe German firm has developed a photovoltaic kit designed to adapt “to the most common twelve-meter public transport buses on the European market, in particular the Mercedes-Benz Citaro and the Lion City of MAN. According to Sono Motors, this kit partially powers heating systems, ventilation and air conditioner. Advertised fuel economy (diesel) of up to 1,500 liters and up to four tons of CO2 per bus per year thanks to an installation of approximately 1.4 kW peak with an area of ​​approximately eight square meters of solar panels.

Sono Motors plans to roll out its photovoltaic technology to other markets, including trucks, electric transport vehicles and trailers.

To know more

Sono Sion: here is the interior of the electric and solar minivan

Article from AFP-Relaxnews, 09/03/2019

While the first deliveries of the Sono Sion are expected at the end of the year, it’s time to discover the passenger compartment of the electric and solar minivan which incorporates an air filtration system using natural foam.

Munich-based manufacturer Sono Motors specializes in solar electric vehicles. His minivan If we will include 248 solar cells integrated into its body. After presenting the exterior, the firm published a snapshot of the interior of this eco-responsible city vehicle.

According to Sono Motors, the foam present in the cabin aims to filter the air and improve its quality. In addition to displaying a beautiful green color, this foam has been treated so that it does not require any particular maintenance. It helps regulate humidity and filter the air inside the vehicle. Above that foam is a 10-inch digital display, but the company has yet to reveal what technology this model will feature.

Over 10,000 pre-orders for the Sono Sion

Sono presents the Sion as a family vehicle ” with a tow bar for holidays and a spacious trunk for weekend shopping “. It will accommodate a driver and four passengers. It includes height-adjustable seat belts and enough room for long legs and to accommodate all family members.

In terms of technical specifications, once recharged, the vehicle will be able to travel 250 km, and thesolar autonomy maximum will be 34 km. Its top speed will reach 140 km/h thanks to a 120 kW engine and a 35 kWh battery. Other features put forward by the manufacturer, the Sion will be delivered with spare parts so that the driver can tinker with his vehicle himself in the event of a breakdown, and this minivan can even be recharged on a standard power outlet. Although its production should not start before 2020, Sono Motors has already collected more than 10,000 pre-orders for a vehicle which should reach 25,500 €.

Sono Sion: the final version of the electric and solar minivan in pictures

Article of Marc Zaffagni03/17/2019

German manufacturer Sono Motors has unveiled images of the production model of its minivan at energy solar. Nearly 10,000 orders have been registered to date.

Still a few months to wait for the first buyers of the Sion, the minivan electric fitted with solar panels, the first deliveries of which should begin at the end of the year. Sono Motors has just taken a crucial step by validating the final design of the production model.

You can find it on the website from the German brand, which explains that it took into account the feedback from its community of future customers to make certain improvements. Thus, the body of the Sion is larger, longer and wider, in order to increase the habitability and the volume of the trunk. Of the Windows side panels have also been added to the rear to improve visibility and clarity in the passenger compartment.

The interior of the Sono Sion with its air filtration system based on natural foam.  © Sono Motors

The Sono Sion will be able to power electrical appliances

From an aesthetic point of view, we notice that the photovoltaic panels inserted at the level of the roof, the doors, the bonnet and the trunk blend in a much more harmonious way with the bodywork. According to Sono Motors, these solar panels will allow the Sion to gain up to 34 kilometers of additional autonomy in clear weather. Note that for the moment, this photovoltaic recharge will be done when the vehicle is stationary.

The Sono Sion has a maximum range of 255 kilometers (according to the WLTP cycle). Her lithium ion battery 35 kWh can be recharged using a conventional mains socket or fast terminals; the energy can be shared with another vehicle or to power electrical appliances. Sono Motors also promises simplified maintenance at a lower cost thanks to the provision of a free downloadable repair manual, accompanied by tutorials. In basic price, the Sono Sion costs 16,000 euros to which must be added its battery at 9,500 euros, i.e. a price of 25,500 euros. On its site, Sono Motors indicates that it has registered 9,551 pre-orders.

Sono Sion, the electric and solar minivan at 16,000 euros

Article from AFP Relaxnews, 08/13/2018

Unveiled a year ago, the Sion electric minivan from Sono Motors is getting closer to marketing which should start next year. Its batteries can be recharged via photovoltaic panels integrated into the bodywork.

Munich-based Sono Motors is finalizing the development of the charging system for its 100% electric Sion minivan. Founded in 2016, the company Sound Motors presented its solar electric model in July 2017 in Munich. It can be recharged using conventional sockets, from other electric vehicles, or using thesolar energy via a system integrated into its bodywork.

The photovoltaic panels are present on the roof, the hood, the trunk and the doors. The Sion has a range of 250 kilometres. Even more original: inside, a natural foam filter regulates humidity, in addition to filtering dust. According to the manufacturer, this foam does not require any special maintenance.

Already 5,000 orders for Sion

Germany has set itself the goal of having one million electric cars in circulation in 2020. To succeed, in April 2018, the government offered support to companies developing electric vehicle batteries.

Sono’s model will enter production in 2019 and the firm has already received 5,000 orders. The car will be marketed in the course of next year at a price of 16,000 euros.

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