Cybertruck Tesla deliveries will begin in mid-2023

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Cybertruck Tesla deliveries will begin in mid-2023

Many people are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Cybertruck, Tesla’s battery-powered electric pickup truck, on the market. This was first introduced to the public three years ago but the company has been pushing its release date ever since. To make the wait less long, Elon Musk confirmed in June that the pickup design is already locked in.

Launch is getting closer and closer because all that’s left is to produce and ship the Cybertruck to customers who pre-ordered. In addition, reservations have already been closed in several countries since May. It is even possible that the 100% electric pickup will arrive in mid-2023.

Tesla Cybertruck

Elon Musk gave news of the Cybertruck

During the financial announcement for the second quarter of 2022, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said the company hopes to begin shipping the Cybertruck in mid-2023. He said he was very enthusiastic about this product with a design straight out of a very futuristic video game. According to him, it is the best product that Tesla has been able to design to date.

Elon Musk also took the opportunity to explain that the Cybertruck will benefit from Tesla’s advances in terms of improving battery efficiency. It is a very promising product. Incidentally, in the leaked photos of the pickup, you can see the mirrors, handles and wipers that look like a giant arm. These can clean the entire windshield in one sweep.

Does the design of the electric pick-up correspond to our world?

In video captured by a drone flying over Tesla’s factory, the all-electric pickup truck looks truly gigantic compared to Tesla’s other electric cars. Indeed, the Cybertruck has an extravagantly angular design that makes you think of a whole other world. And the automaker has gone to great lengths to make that futuristic look match the real world.

In late 2021, Musk said he was worried about the truck’s windshield wiper. But it seems that the problem has been solved. All that remains is to cross our fingers so that the launch is not postponed any longer.


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