The latest Porsche Taycan update will enable faster charging and longer range

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The latest Porsche Taycan update will enable faster charging and longer range

The owners of Porsche Taycan can expect to big improvements After the new update of their vehicle. The electric car will indeed gain autonomy and can be recharged faster. The characteristics of infotainment system will also be improved.

The biggest change for the Porsche Taycan will be the improved efficiency that will add 50 km more to the range of the vehicle on the WLTP cycle. The manufacturer was able to achieve this by cutting power to the front motor in Normal and Eco modes, while retaining the driver’s regenerative braking settings when the Drive Modes are switched.

Porsche Taycan

From what we know, the changes are available for free for all Taycans manufactured so far, i.e. models released between 2020 and 2022.

Other updated features

Apart from range, Porsche has also optimized heat management to allow the battery to charge longer with the maximum rate of 270 kW. This is something very useful if you arrive with a higher level of charge.

The infotainment system is also affected by the update. Users had noticed latency during certain operations, and the manufacturer improved ignition and response times. Porsche has also made revisions to the Heads up Display and added new integrations for Android-Auto and Apple CarPlayallowing them to operate in wireless mode. Drivers can also use the online navigation system to search while filtering out stations that don’t have fast charging.

A few minor drawbacks

There are still some minor inconveniences related to the Taycan update. In fact, it will take a whole day to complete the operationand it will also be necessary to go to a point of sale. Nevertheless, Porsche has indicated that this update will optimize the vehicle’s control units and allow it to accept more OTA updates in the future.

Speaking of the future, Porsche is also thinking about it since we already know that other hardware options will be planned for 2023. For example, there will be the installation of a panoramic roof and wiring for the Dashcam system in option.

SOURCE: Engadget

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