This smartphone charges in 10 minutes!

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On the side of Chinese smartphone manufacturers, the competition is in the field of fast charging. The records of speed reloading are usually unhooked by Xiaomi, or Oppo; today, it is a brand that is not distributed in France that claims to be able to charge a smartphone to 100% of its capacity in just ten minutes.

The iQOO brand is a subsidiary of Vivo which is only sold in the Asian market and its iQOO 10 Pro equipped with a 4,700 mAh battery comes with a 200 W 20 V and 10 A ultra-fast charger. It was with a charger of equivalent power that Xiaomi was able to recharge a Mi 11 Pro, equipped with a battery of 4,000 mAh in just eight minutes.

A 200 W charger

Charging so quickly requires barring the mobile from sensors to avoid overheating and the question that arises is whether such a fast charge is healthy for the battery. According to the manufacturer, this would be the case, since after 1,600 cycles, the battery would still have 80% of its original capacity. This means that it is possible to use the mobile for more than three years without major concern. autonomy. The manufacturer also claims that the battery has not been subject to technical improvements to achieve this result.

As for the mobile itself, it is positioned on the high end with a 6.78-inch Amoled screen with a definition of 3,200 x 1,400 pixel refreshed at 120 Hz. It is powered by the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1, supported by 8 or 12 GB of random access memory. On the photo side, we find associated a 50 megapixel sensor, an ultra wide-angle of 50 megapixels and a 3 x zoom of 14.6 megapixels. For videos, the 10 Pro can shoot in 8k with 30 frames per second. We shouldn’t see it on the French market, but the brand live could well integrate some of its bricks, including the fast charger in its future models.

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