Doctors are still prescribing life-threatening antibiotics

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Doctors are still prescribing life-threatening antibiotics

Researchers from the university of maryland medical school (UMSOM) conducted surveys about how doctors treat patients asymptomatic bacteria. You should know that some bacteria are discovered only as a result of control examinations or urinalysis. Thus, scientists realized that more than 70% of physicians claim to have administered antibiotics to treat infections asymptomatic bacteria.

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And this practice happens despite medical standards for a long time who strongly advise against it. In reality, these infections detected incidentally do not bother the patient and therefore should not be treated with antibiotics. Also, the same study revealed that antibiotics became ineffective for treat asymptomatic people.

On the contrary, their administration has provoked Side effects. They have caused diarrhoea, vomiting, skin rashes and yeast infections in treated patients.

Inappropriate medical practices aggravate bacterial resistance

Bacterial resistance still remains a major concern. Indeed, following unsuitable medical practices, many bacteria have developed the ability to resist antibiotics that are supposed to kill or lessen them.

This is why most of medical associations opposed the regular use of antibiotics in people who are infected but show no signs of infection. However, American researchers have collected enough evidence to affirm that these practices are ineffective and dangerous.

Improperly prescribed antibiotics can kill patients

This study published in the journal Scientist JAMA Network Open brought to light an even more disturbing fact. The researchers found that in rare casesantibiotics can cause the death of the patient. It appears that these deaths were caused by the proliferation of bacteria C hard in the colon.

It is therefore urgent to change bad medical practices through a education program practicing physicians. These must be made aware of the consequences death treatments unnecessary and potentially dangerous.


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