Google finally launches real tests of its incredible futuristic AR glasses

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Google finally launches real tests of its incredible futuristic AR glasses

Backing up to jump better is obviously Google’s motto when it comes to its AR glasses. After the commercial failure of the first versions of Google Glass, the Mountain View company chose to interrupt production in 2015. This allowed it to give itself the time necessary to come back in force in 2019 with a new generation of glasses. AR.

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After having made its mark with professionals, the new version of augmented reality smart glasses now wants to find its place with individuals. For this, Google plans to test its product from next month with a limited audience. This life-size test phase will be done through a hand-picked panel of testers.

Testing to better determine the most useful features for everyday use

During Google I/O 2022, the firm presented the prototype of the new version of its smart glasses in augmented reality. During the event, the multinational indicated that the product was designed to help users better adapt to their environment. Thus, a person who goes to a country whose language he does not master correctly could use the glasses to communicate correctly with the inhabitants.

Google plans to add features to its glasses that can help with translation, navigation, transcription and visual search. In order to determine the options that will be more useful to users in the future, the Mountain View firm has therefore set up a series of tests that will be carried out by a sample of users.

According to a blog post published on July 19, 2022, Google plans to send the prototype to a few dozen people and trusted testers. These will have the mission of using them in environments determined in advance. The information collected will then be used by the development team to determine the features that will be added to the new Google Glass intended for the general public.


Strictly supervised use for prototypes

Google has put in place restrictions and measures to frame this testing period for its new product. Testers will not be allowed to use the prototypes as they wish.

There are a number of places testers will not be able to use the trial goggles. These include schools, places of worship, grounds of worship, public buildings and hospitals. According to the clauses, the prototypes must also not be used during rallies, demonstrations or any such place. Google also prohibits testers from using it while driving any type of vehicle.

Finally, it should be noted that the prototypes will be equipped with integrated cameras, microphones and screens. Accessories that will allow the glasses to recognize the environments in which they find themselves as well as the languages ​​​​thanks to artificial intelligence.

Google has not yet made any communication about the date on which it intends to launch the marketing of the new AR glasses for the general public. There is no doubt that this will be done quickly from the moment the full-scale tests are conclusive.

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