China’s asteroid deflection test to be launched in 2026

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China’s asteroid deflection test to be launched in 2026

There was one date change on the side of the China regarding asteroid deflection mission launch. According to an article recently published by Space News, the CNSA or China National Space Administration plans to launch the mission with the target asteroid 2020 PN1 in 2026. Towards the beginning of the year, China seemed to want to launch the mission in 2025.

Some details about this future mission have been revealed by Long Lehao, the chief designer of China’s Long March rocket series. For example, we know from Long’s presentation that the mission will use a rocket Long March 3B. Also, the spacecraft sent into space will be consisting of two elementsa striker and one orbiter. The striker will be the part that will come into contact with the asteroid while the orbiter will be there to observe the process.


Prepare for the worst

For now, no imminent danger from asteroids does not threaten the Earth. Scientists, especially those from the NASAhave conducted studies for decades to detect potential threats.

China, for its part, is working on a larger planetary defense plan. This plan consists of research and technical studies, as CNSA deputy director Wu Yanhua said. Last January, the CNSA also published a ” White Book “ who discusses implementation plans of a defense system against near-Earth objects.

A common goal

This China project is quite similar to that of NASA which also plans to test the deflection of an asteroid with the mission DART or Double Asteroid Redirection Test. This mission is scheduled to arrive at its destination in September. NASA has plans to send a kinetic striker to hit the small moon Dimorphos at a speed of around 6.6 km/h. The objective is alter its orbit around the other asteroid Didymos.

With NASA and the CNSA working on their own to try to deflect an asteroid, let’s hope that the Earth will be well equipped to face possible impacts in the future.


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