Production of the ID.4 electric car by Volkswagen has started in the United States

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Production of the ID.4 electric car by Volkswagen has started in the United States

The industry of electric cars continues to develop. volkswagen has just announced an important step taken by its electrical branch. The builder has started production of his model ID.4 all-electric SUV in the United States.

According to Thomas Schäfer, President of the Volkswagen Global Brand, they are just beginning to write a new chapter of the company in America, and this is real American history. He added that it is another important step in the electrification strategy ambition of Volkswagen in the US market and globally.

Volkswagen Chattanooga Plant
Volkswagen Credits

In the announcement made on Tuesday, July 26, the automaker indicated that they plan to increase the production of the ID.4 model at its Chattanooga, Tennessee plant in 7000 vehicles per month. This will take place by the end of 2022 and this number will increase further during 2023.

Coming very soon

According to Volkswagen, the delivery of the first cars will begin by October. The first models available will be the rear-wheel-drive and all-wheel-drive variants of the 82 kWh model.

The ID.4 model built in the United States will be mainly manufactured with components from North America. The vehicle will be made of materials and components assembled in 11 states of the United States. Among other things, there will be steel from Alabama and Ohio, interior elements from Indiana and South Carolina, as well as electronic components made in Kentucky and North Carolina. . As for the batteries, they will be supplied by the company SK Innovation located in Georgia.

Later this year, the Chattanooga plant will start production of the cheaper 62 kWh variant. Volkswagen has indicated that so far they have been able deliver more than 190,000 ID.4 vehicles worldwide since the launch of this model last year.

A big step for Volkswagen

This step was taken by the company thanks to an investment of around 788.7 million euros. This sum was mainly used to electrify the Chattanooga plant. Currently, this plant is one of 6 production sites for electric vehicles by Volkswagen worldwide.

Last March, the company announced that it would invest more than 7 billion euros over the next 5 years to increase its production capacity for electric cars in North America. Volkswagen hopes that by the year 2030, electric vehicles will constitute about 55% of its sales in the United States.

SOURCE: Engadget

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