A restaurant-basketball that ends in personalized turd on Facebook

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Here is a rather original way to tackle the problem of customers who leave without paying the bill. Thursday, July 27, the Golden Pub in Saint-Quentin was the victim of a “restaurant-basket”. A group of eight people dined, then took off. However, the establishment has CCTV cameras on which the individuals are clearly identifiable.

Annoyed by yet another fraud of this type, the restaurateur decided to use the tactic of ” name and shame », in other words to expose them publicly. As early as Friday morning, he published their photo on Facebookcovering their faces of an emoji who expresses all the good he thinks of it… He then offers them two days to come and pay their bill, otherwise he will publish the image with their faces.

Beware of image rights

The post went viral with over 1,100 comments and 1,900 shares. Luckily for the restaurateur, he not only had plenty of support, but also expert advice. By publishing the uncensored photo, the restaurateur risked being sued by the group in the name of image rights and the privacy. Even in the event of theft.

The facility today posted an update on its page with a review. They were able to identify the individuals thanks to the social networks, who never came to pay their bill. This group is already known from other establishments where they have done the same thing, and the Golden Pub will send the photos to all their colleagues so that they can identify them and refuse them entry. Finally, the restaurateur has filed a complaint with the police and will not publish their faces. Even if the case is not resolved, it will at least have had the merit of making the establishment known at the national level.

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