General Motors will answer all your questions about electric vehicles

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General Motors will answer all your questions about electric vehicles

Electric cars could be the future of four-wheel motors. Also, people’s interest in this topic keeps growing and it’s obvious that they have lots of questions. It is also to respond to all this growing curiosity that General Motors (GM) had the idea of ​​establishing a new online platform called EV Live.

It couldn’t be easier to access EV Live. All you need is a smartphone or a computer. After logging in, you are free to ask any question that bothers you about the world of battery-powered vehicles. It will be a real-time discussion.

Credits: General Motors

GM’s initiative

EV Live will host group chats or one-on-one chats between real people, GM staff, everyday people and potential future customers. Scheduling appointments in advance is possible. It should be noted that this new platform is available for all types of people: starting with the simply curious, commercial and fleet customers of GM, but also dealers who should have the appropriate answers to the various questions of their own customers.

Staff members responsible for answering questions are among others drawn from the automaker’s auto show workers’ group. Lives will take place inside a physical studio near GM’s Detroit headquarters. Furthermore, it is important to emphasize that there will be no place for trolls on the platform because the cybersecurity measures put in place are very robust.

What EV Live Won’t Be

EV Live is not in the metaverse and the live shows will not be sessions with trained robots that look like human beings. GM said it expects questions that will primarily focus on range, charging, and total cost of ownership.

In fact, EV Live is an indirect attempt by the company to increase its sales numbers. Indeed, she claimed that her staff have not been trained to be able to answer questions about Tesla batteries. In this sense, it advises those who have questions about its competitors’ products to go directly to their channels.


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