Small molecular variations can lead to disease!

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Small molecular variations can lead to disease!

Two cells within the same organ may look identical, but have slight differences at the level of their molecules. But these all small molecular variations can change function of a cell. Alex K. Shalek, an associate professor of chemistry at MIT, is one of the scientists tracking down these small molecular differences to understand the consequences.

Bleeding and shrinkage of a diseased cell in apoptosis

In particular, it uses technologies complex RNA sequencing unicellular to detect different patterns of gene expression. These later enabled him to better understand How? ‘Or’ What the cell contributes to the function of the fabric.

This researcher hopes that this small-scale identification work will enable him to understand the mechanisms of training serious diseases like cancer or HIV.

Statistical models have made it possible to study cells

Professor Shalek used his knowledge of statistical mechanics to translate at the macroscopic level the behavior of millions of microscopic molecules. He has developed computer models and of many analysis software of data that he first used in neurobiology.

He then applied his methods to immune cells that are resistant to viruses. He was then able to determine that a imbalance at the cellular level can lead to autoimmune diseases or immunodeficiencies. It is therefore important to maintain a balance inside our cells thanks to a healthy eating habit.

RNA sequencing can help detect many diseases

This research was conducted by Professor Alex K. Shalek in collaboration with a international research team. This team wishes in particular to understand the mechanisms of formation of certain human diseases in order to find better means of prevention and treatment.

the single cell RNA sequencing used during this study can be generalized and eventually become a early detection method diseases. Although the differences at the cell level are minimal, this technique is not only accurate, yet reliable.


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