The Swan Voyager, a consumer drone that switches to cruiser mode!

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Lots of poetry in this video by photographer Oli Haukur, showing “two wonders of the world”. Captured by a drone above the Reykjanes peninsula, in Iceland, about 60 kilometers from Reykjavik, these images are organized in a “time-lapse” which gives us a unique point of view on the dance of the auroras.

The majority of drones these days are quadcoptersa design that allows the vertical take-off and landing (Adav or VTOL) as well as hovering in the tunes. However, for movement, it is less efficient than a fixed-wing aircraft, such as a conventional airplane. HEQ decided to combine the advantage of both forms with its Swan Voyager.

Currently in campaign on Kickstarterthis drone takes the form of a small fixed-wing aircraft with four rotors, one on each side of each wing. In its classic flight mode, this gives it a range of one hour or 45 kilometers, with a speed maximum of 90 km/h.

Discover the Swan Voyager as well as videos taken by it. © HEQ

Delivery scheduled for November

However, what makes the Swan Voyager special is its ability to tilt into a vertical position and fly like a simple quadcopter. It is then able to hover in the air and take off and land vertically. The drone is also equipped with a camera 4K mounted on a three-axis stabilizer. It records photos and videos on its SD card, and transmits a Full HD version to the operator over a distance of up to eight kilometres.

Early backers on Kickstarter will be able to get the Swan Travel for 1.299 dollars (1,276 euros), with delivery scheduled for November 2022. The retail price will then be 1,599 dollars (1,570 euros).

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