Porsche will manufacture motors for electric bicycles

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Porsche is determined to make its mark on the electric bike. After having launched in 2021 two High-end e-bike developed in collaboration with the German brand Rotwild, the manufacturer is fully committed by launching into the production of powertrains and electric bicycles.

To do this, Porsche created two joint ventures with the Dutch firm Ponooc Investment BV The first, Porsche eBike Performance, will design motors and batteries for future Porsche VAEs. Remember that the Stuttgart firm has acquired fazua last June, a company specializing in the design of ultra-light motors and batteries. Porsche also plans to offer its powertrains to other e-bike manufacturers and should therefore become a direct competitor for Bafang, Bosch, Brose, Shimano or Yamaha. It will be very interesting to see how Porsche will seek to differentiate itself from these experienced manufacturers who dominate the sector.

Porsche already owns the brand of Greyp electric mountain bikes acquired from Rimac.  © Porsche

Porsche already owns an e-bike brand

The second joint venture called P2 eBike will focus on the development of a range of electric bicycles. Here again, Porsche should exploit its achievements since it already owns the brand of electric mountain bikes Greyp which it has bought to the supercar builder Rimac last November. It remains to be seen in which direction Porsche will choose to head: the eMTB light, urban electric bikes, road electric bikes or why not even the cargo electric bikes. After all, the brand was a pioneer in the market for SUV with the Porsche Cayenne.

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