Samsung: a new feature will allow you to hide your photos during a repair

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Samsung: a new feature will allow you to hide your photos during a repair

SamMobil reported a press release from Samsung’s Korean news site in which the company announces a new privacy feature. This is called Repair Mode. It restricts access to your personal data to technicians who will repair your phones. This personal data can be photos, texts, etc.

Data is indeed fragile because, when it ends up in the wrong hands, it can cause trouble, scandal or whatever. It is to avoid this kind of problem that Samsung has set up the Repair mode. This mode will be available in the Galaxy S21 series in South Korea but, as of now, the company has yet to confirm whether this mode will be available in other regions or what kinds of phones will support it exactly.

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How Repair Mode works

The press release says that users can enable the new feature by entering the “Device Battery Care” section found in Settings. Thereafter, the phone will reboot and be in repair mode. All your data will be hidden including photos, accounts and messages.

In repair mode, the repairer will only have access to the applications that are installed by default. This will be more than enough to make the required repairs. Only the owner of the phone can subsequently deactivate Repair Mode. Thus, the smartphone repair technician or any other person who will touch your phone will not be able to disclose your photos, for example.

Why Samsung established this new feature?

In June 2021, Apple paid several million dollars in restitution to a woman after an incident. Naked photos of this woman ended up on Facebook and it was the iPhone repair technicians who were responsible for the act. They were two in number and were fired as a result.

Samsung does not want to end up in such a situation and that is why it has established this new feature. The company has taken the lead and that’s a good thing. According to The Verge, you may not have to turn on this privacy feature because if iFixit happens to stock official Samsung components, then you may be able to fix it yourself.


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