We know the date of the next launch of space tourists by Blue Origin

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We know the date of the next launch of space tourists by Blue Origin

If all goes well, the Blue Origin’s sixth manned spaceflight will take place very soon. According to information, the vehicle New Shepard will take off the Thursday August 4 next for a suborbital flight, with on board a group of 6 space tourists.

The NS-22 mission of Blue Origin will be launched from the West Texas site in 13:30 GMT. This is the 22th flight of the New Shepard rocket, manned and unmanned missions combined.

Blue Origin Credits

We already know the names of the 6 people who will be on board the Blue Origin capsule. This mission will mark several firsts in the field of spaceflight.

The passengers of the NS-22 mission

This August 4 will be the first time that a person from Portugal will go into space. The country will be represented by MyRio Ferreira. This will also be the case for Egypt, which will be represented by Sara Sabry.

Thanks to the NS-22 mission, Vanessa O’Brien will become the first person to have climbed to the top of Mount Everest, been to the deepest place in the ocean, which is the Challenger Deep in the Pacific, and been to space.

The other three passengers will be Coby Cottonone of the co-founders of popular YouTube channel Dude Perfect, Clint Kelly IIIone of the pioneers in the field of technology, and Steve Youngwho works in telecommunications.

Price unknown

We know that Sabry and Cotton will not have to pay for their ticket for this space flight. Indeed, their places in the capsule are respectively sponsored by Space for Humanity and MoonDAO. These are organizations whose objective is to promote access to space.

In any case, we do not know how much the ticket costs to participate in the mission. Blue Origin did not disclose this detail unlike Virgin Galactic, its direct competitor. Virgin Galactic offers a ticket at approximately €440,000 for a suborbital flight on his space plane VSS Unity. The latter, however, has not yet started full commercial operations.

Aboard the New Shepard, Blue Origin tourists will have the opportunity to admire the curvature of the Earth against the darkness of space. They will also be able to spend a few minutes in weightlessness during the journey which will last a total of 11 minutes.

SOURCE: Space.com

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