Apple wants to put ads in the Today tab of the App Store

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Apple wants to put ads in the Today tab of the App Store

Three sites, including MacRumors, 9to5Mac and Apple Insider, have confirmed that Apple plans to run ads directly in the App Store’s Today tab as well as on individual app pages. This is part of the company’s efforts to maintain the fact that App Store is the best place for developers to promote their respective businesses.

Remember that previously there were only two ways for developers to highlight their activities: the Search tab and the search results page. It was clearly a success, and that’s why Apple looked for other ways to extend the experience a little more. The company’s plan is to roll out testing for new announcements soon.

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New ad placements

The first advertising opportunity will be in the front page of the App Store, i.e. the Today tab. Ads will stand out from normal App Store editorial stories as they will be flagged directly as advertisements. They will appear in the small blue box with the name “Announcement” inside under the name of the application. As a reminder, the Today tab was established during the redesign of the App Store in 2017.

As for the second opportunity for developers, ads will be introduced in app product pages. Users will see the ads under the “You May Also Like” section near the bottom of the page. Like the ads in the first new ad slot, these ads will also be marked as ads and highlighted in blue. According to 9to5Mac, ad buyers won’t be able to choose specific apps for their ads. However, the latter will be relevant for the application in which they appear.

Why did Apple think of this new advertising expansion?

Apple said in a statement to MacRumors, 9to5Mac and AppleInsider that Apple Search Ads gives developers the opportunity to grow their business even further. The company added that these new ad placements were built on the same foundation as their other ad offerings.

The second reason for this new expansion in the field of advertising is that it represents new ways for the company to increase its profit. It could therefore be that advertisements will be an important mainstay for Apple in the future since it is obvious that commercials bring in money.


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