Jurassic fish fossil found on farm

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Jurassic fish fossil found on farm

A very rare fossilold of 183 million years, was discovered in a farm in England, on the outskirts of Gloucestershire, in the Cotswolds. This incredible fossil was embedded in a nodule of limestone hardened emerging from the clay. It is not the first time that the soils of the Cotswolds, although permanently trampled by cattle, have yielded ancient fossilized remains that are more than two hundred million years old. They are basically fish, giant marine reptiles, squids and insects that died out in the Jurassic period.

Three-dimensional fossilized remains of Pachycormus.
Source: livescience

This astonishing archaeological discovery is a fossilized remains of Pachycormus still in perfect condition. It’s a kind of fish ray fins off since the Jurassic. In addition to its three-dimensional structure, the fossil still contained soft tissueincluding scales and an eye.

Nature three-dimensional of the head and body of the specimen is so peculiar that the researchers could not compare to no other fossil in the world.

British soil was once the bottom of a vanished tropical sea

At one time, this area of ​​the UK was completely submerged by a tropical sea a little deep. When the fish died, they sank and then was buried under layers of sedimentwhich has contributed to their preservation. Neville Hollingworthan archaeologist from the University of Birmingham, has discovered the site with his wife Sally Hollingworth.

The latter was appointed fossil preparer and excavation coordinator. Most of the fossils the Hollingworths and their team unearthed at this site lay behind a barn on a farm. The team then worked under the curious looks of english longhornsa breed of cattle bred for slaughter.

The perfectly preserved 3D fossil still had its eye

The couple were particularly surprised to find that the eye-ball and the orbit fossil fish have been well preserved. Her three-dimensional structure gives it a particular posture. When they found out, it seems like the fish leaps out of the rock.

They then had the idea of contact ThinkSee3Da company that creates 3D digital models of fossils, in order to create an interactive 3D image Fish. This 3D modeling allowed them not only to give life to fishbut also to study it more closely.


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