A row of tiny holes on the ocean floor has scientists puzzled

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A row of tiny holes on the ocean floor has scientists puzzled

The oceans are one of the places on Earth that humans have yet to fully explore. From time to time, researchers find unexplained phenomena or objects on the ocean floorand that’s what happened over the weekend of July 23rd.

At the bottom of The Atlantic Oceanexplorers of the NOAA or National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration came across something very unusual: a row of small holes dug in the sandy bottom. The most interesting thing is that the distance between the holes is regular, as if we had deliberately dug in the sand.

Holes on the ocean floor
NOAA Ocean Exploration Credits

In a Facebook post the team posted, researchers say the holes had previously been reported in the area. Nevertheless, their origin still remains mysterious.

A mystery at the bottom of the ocean

The holes are approximately 2.7 km deep, right on the crest of an underwater volcano near the Azores. According to the scientists, these holes appear to have been made by humans, but the small piles of sediment around them suggest that they were “drilled by something”.

At the moment, there are few clues that could show the origin of the holes. According to the observations of the explorers, the ocean floor in the vicinity was smooth. Moreover, the depth of the site where the discovery was made suggests that it is very unlikely that humans are behind the phenomenon.

An understudied area

According to the information, the scientists were in the middle of an expedition when they observed the mysterious holes. The expedition in question was called “Journey to the Ridge 2022” and its objective was to obtain information about this very little studied area that surrounds the Mid-Atlantic Ridge.

On the mission’s website, we can read that the Mid-Atlantic Ridge is the longest mountain range in the world and one of Earth’s most distinctive geological features. It is 16,000 km long and much of it lies under water, so it remains largely unexplored.

Let’s wait and see if scientists will eventually know the cause of the appearance of these mysterious holes.

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