Getting started with the Black Shark Lucifer T6: what if you swapped the gaming headset for headphones?

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Black Shark is a Xiaomi-affiliated brand that is tackling the accessories market of gaming for a few years. The Lucifer T6 are the latest in the range of headphones offered by the brand that previously marketed the T1 and T2.

An atypical design

By opening the box, the charging case reveals the headphones, a short USB-C cable to charge the device, a user manual and some replacement tips. The T6 headphones now come with a black case that allows them to be stored vertically, like the AirPods Proinstead of the horizontal case of the T1 headphones.

A sober design that fits in your pocket.  © Naim Bada, Futura

The Lucifer T6 sport a modern look and offer the signature Black Shark in black and green, with a design LEDs which flashes both in the headphones and in the case. The LED acts as an indicator for the case and signals the remaining charge, while the one on the headphones indicates whether they are in music or game mode.

Indicators on the LEDs to signal the different modes.  © Naim Bada, Futura

Apart from the LED on the headphones, the style is minimalist. The black that evenly drapes over the headphones and box is understated and should suit most styles and outfits. The case and headphones are lightweight and can fit in any pocket. Mainly made in plasticthey are strong enough to hold up in case ofaccident.

Until August 14, take advantage of a 25% reduction: they are at €34.71!

Good sound for the price

The Black Shark Lucifer T6 adopt an in-ear design. They fit well in the ear and are comfortable to wear. The box includes 3 pairs of ear tips of different sizes to adapt to all morphologies. In addition, they are IPX5 certified, a welcome protection against small splashes of water such as sweat (especially during stressful games!).

The headphones fit quite well in the ears and can even accompany you during sport © Naïm Bada, Futura

These headphones allow you to switch between “Music” mode and “Game” mode by pressing three times on the touch control of one of the headphones. Activating each of the modes produces a very different sound, which makes it easy to find your way around. The “Music” mode sounded a bit brighter, with crisp highs and mids, but little to no bass. The other mode sounded a little more muffled, with mostly mids and some bass, but almost no treble. The idea here is to better filter shots fire and footsteps, important sound cues in many online games. Generally speaking, the 10mm drivers do a good job, especially for the listed price.

Passive noise reduction, battery life and features

L’autonomy battery is not the strong point of the devices Bluetooth low latency. In this regard, the Lucifer T6 headphones still do quite well.

The Lucifier T6 charging case has an internal 400mAh battery that fully charges in 1.5 hours and can hold an additional 20 hours of charge. There is no fast charge. The charging time for the Lucifer T6 headsets is 1 hour 30 minutes with a battery life of around 6 hours – but which will obviously vary depending on the uses and the volume.

The T6s use Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity. The Bluetooth chip does not support multipoint pairing connection but supports codec AAFC (high resolution). The earbuds can be paired while in the charging case and you can switch between earbuds for stereo or mono listening. There is no interruption when switching between earbuds, other than a 4-second reconnect timeout. When you store the headphones in the case, you must close the lid to disconnect the Bluetooth connection.

Once in game mode, the earbuds attempt to get closer to a wired jack connection and go into ultra-low 35ms latency, eliminating any delay to sounds from your phone (or your computer) to the headphones. This feature is crucial for fast-paced video games like call of duty Where PUBG that require instant sound relay for faster response.

Until August 14, take advantage of a 25% reduction: they are at €34.71!

Futura’s opinion

Overall, the Black Shark Lucifer T6 are very good headphones for their price of €39.99. The whole thing has a cool retro-tech feel, not least thanks to the multiple LEDs that light up on both the earbuds and the case during operation and charging. The fact that LEDs do not only have an aesthetic purpose is a nice detail. The only downside is still the battery life, which takes a hit when using ultra-low latency.

WE love

  • An original design
  • The price
  • Low-latency mode

We love less

  • The absence of a application and touch control settings
  • Passive noise reduction that filters little in noisy environments
  • Less autonomy in “game” mode
Futura’s note

Article produced in partnership with Black Shark

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