Xiaomi unveils its first working humanoid robot

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Beginning of July, Elon Musk announced the arrival of its humanoid robot Optimus, with a functional prototype for the end of September. Now the Chinese Xiaomi is giving it priority by unveiling its own prototype of robot functional humanoid. During a live presentation, the robot moved to the middle of the stage and handed a flower to Lei Jun, the boss of Xiaomi before posing with him for a selfie.

His name is CyberOne, he is 177cm tall and weighs 52 kg ; the manufacturer even gave it the nickname “Tie Da”. The robot has a head made up of a slab OLED curved. This is via this helmet-like head features a black visor that the robot can identify visually and aurally up to 45 emotions human. Its vision module called Mi-Sense is combined with algorithms ofArtificial intelligence in order to perceive and interpret its environment in 3D. With its AI, it can also recognize 85 types of environmental sounds.

Chinese Xiaomi has unveiled CyberOne, its functional humanoid robot. © Xiaomi

A 3D representation of the environment

According to Xiaomi, it has the digital equivalent of a ” cerebellum which allows him to stand up and move in balance. These legs have a maximum torque of 300 Nm.

To achieve its movementshis body is composed of 13 joints which give it an amplitude of 21°. The limbs can react in less than 0.5m/s and its hands have a torque accuracy of up to 1Nm to be able to gently touch an item. Overall, the robot remains a bit clumsy, it seems less agile and robust than the famous Atlas from Boston Dynamics. For the boss of Xiaomi, the robot should evolve further before it can be marketed between 89,100 and 104,000 dollars. In the meantime, the Chinese manufacturer’s robot is a little ahead of the model of You’re hereof which we do not know much at the moment.

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