Welock Touch41: Test, opinion and presentation of the fingerprint connected lock

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Welock Touch41: Test, opinion and presentation of the fingerprint connected lock

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Delivered without battery

In recent years, there has been more and more talk of connected locks. If the object intrigues as much as it frightens, it is for a very specific reason: lcomputerization of your front door is scary. However, as you will see in this article through the test of the WeLock Touch41 connected lockour received ideas are ultimately based on very little.

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Preamble: why use a connected lock?

There are many reasons to use smart locks : it’s a bit the equivalent of the opening systems by tag popular in business. This allows to get rid of expensive keys, which can be lost and duplicated. In addition, it allows trace the accesses on the locksbut also of perform a remote opening. Convenient if you have distracted children or to open your door remotely for the delivery person, or in the case of holiday accommodation.

Regarding security: yes, a hacker could, if there are security breaches, hijack the system in order to make an opening. However, it must be realized thatit’s usually much easier to break into the door, or a window, with a crowbar or other methods well known to thieves. Unless you have an apartment with a single armored door access, using a connected lock will in no way weaken access to your home.

Welock Touch41 data sheet

  • Applicable door types: Wooden doors, interior doors
  • Adjustable range: 50-100mm
  • Operating Temperature: -25C to 60C
  • Press cycle: 100,000 times
  • Material: zinc alloy
  • Way to Unlock: Passcode, RFID, Bluetooth
  • Battery Type: 3X AAA
  • Power input: 3.6V -4.5V
  • Battery replacement: replaceable
  • Color: Silver / Black
  • Autonomy: 10-12 Months

Delivery and assembly

The lock connect Welock Touch41 (presented in a good plan last month) is delivered with all the accessories and tools to carry out the assembly:

  • The different screws
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Allen wrench

I still recommend that you get a real Phillips screwdriver. The screws which make it possible to extract the barrel from the door are frequently a little stuck over time and the tool included in the kit does not offer the best grip.

The adjustable range of 5 to 10 cm allows the system to adapt to more or less all doors and the installation guide in french should get you there without too much trouble.

Then you have to create a connection between the smartphone app and the lock using the QR Code printed on the back side and insert the 3 AAA batteries (not included). Once this is done, you must follow the various instructions on the screen in order to validate your fingerprint.

In the app, you can easily add unlock methods : using RFID tags includeda Bluetooth device or simply a passcode


The design of the lock is quite neutral, zinc and black plastic finishes blend well with any modern or non-modern doors. On the inside, you find a handful of the most classic and on the outside, on the other hand, there are several other functions:

  • A power button to turn the lock on before use
  • A fingerprint reader
  • An LCD screen to provide indications.

The RFID sets offered in the box are offered in the form of a key ring that you can easily take with you.


Once installed, the Welock Touch41 connected lock allows you to lock/unlock the door from the inside by simply turning the system and from the outside, you will have to go through several steps:

  • turn on the lock with the power button
  • Use a method to unlock
    • Use fingerprint
    • His smartphone
    • An RFID tag

It’s really childish to use, believe me. Obviously, it’s a bit of a shame to have to turn the lock on every time you use it, but without that the battery certainly wouldn’t last a whole year.

Buy on the official website, delivered from Europe with the coupon GET20 to get a €20 discount: Official site

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