Xiaomi and its new humanoid robot

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Xiaomi and its new humanoid robot

On Thursday, August 11, Chinese tech company Xiaomi hit hard. Not only did she present her new foldable phonebut she also revealed her new humanoid robot, the Xiaomi CyberOne.

The Xiaomi CyberOne is a robot that is quite similar to the robot that You’re here plans to create. But Xiaomi’s robot, which measures 177 cm, is indeed real, and it made an impression during the presentation by joining company CEO Lei Junon the scene.

Cyber ​​One
Xiaomi Credits

The robot is nicknamed “Metal Bro”, and it weighs about 52 kg. He took the stage with a flower in his hand which he offered to the CEO, before taking a selfie with the latter and leaving.

CyberOne features

the Xiaomi Robotics Lab had already unveiled a robot of its design last year. It was of a robot dog called CyberDog. This time, the lab has decided to choose a human form for its new product, and this one even has a zodiac sign which is the “lion”.

The CyberOne has a face formed from a curved OLED paneland he can see in 3D. As far as hearing is concerned, the robot is equipped with two microphones which allow him to identify “85 types of environmental noise and 45 categories of human feelings”.

The body of the humanoid robot has a total of 21 degrees of freedom through its 13 joints. According to the company, each degree of freedom is able to respond in 0.5ms.

Xiaomi’s project for its robot

According to Lei, to acquire a CyberOne robot, it will be necessary to pay between 86,876 and 101,404 euros. It’s a price range that’s still a long way from mass production, but in the meantime, Xiaomi is counting add new abilities to its first humanoid robot.

Lei said that with Artificial Intelligence as a core and a life-size humanoid body as a receptacle, it is an exploration of the possibilities of Xiaomi’s future technological ecosystem. And it is also a new milestone for the company.

Anyway, we can say that a new era has begun in the robotics sector. The robots unveiled by the various companies always seem to be more advanced than the previous models.

SOURCE: Engadget

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