Electrify America’s EV fast chargers will be available at more than 25 IKEA stores

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Electrify America’s EV fast chargers will be available at more than 25 IKEA stores

IKEA aims to become a circular, climate-positive company by 2030. Its collaboration with Electrify America and Electrify Commercial brings it closer to that goal. The collaboration in question consists of bringing ultra-fast public charging stations and a fleet of electric vehicles to just over 25 stores in the United States.

Recharging your electric vehicle will no longer be a real headache with this deployment. Moreover, the deployment will bring more than 200 individual chargers to IKEA outlets. Those who can use these charging stations are IKEA customers and fleet. At the moment, the chargers are not yet deployed but the first chargers will arrive towards the end of 2022. In addition, the companies concerned plan to complete the deployment by 2023.


Why did IKEA agree to this collaboration?

It was Javier Quinones, CEO and Chief Sustainability Officer of IKEA US himself who said the collaboration with Electrify America was not just about bringing public chargers to their stores for the first time but was a big step forward towards their goal of become circular and climate positive “.

Quinones added that they look forward to continuing to innovate around new ways to be more environmentally friendly. IKEA aims to achieve zero-emission home deliveries by 2025 and halve emissions from customer and staff travel by 2030. Importantly, Electrify America is also looking to a more sustainable future. .

The agreement between IKEA and Electrify America

Electrify America implemented its first charging station in May 2018, and the company has been growing its network ever since. On average, it opened nearly four terminals per week. It’s obvious IKEA’s rollout is tiny compared to those numbers but, despite that, it’s still a big launch.

Now owners of EVs like the Ioniq 5 and Taycan will be able to quickly load their vehicle into one of the country’s most popular furniture chains. As for the more than 200 individual ultra-fast chargers, they will be available in exactly 18 American states including Arizona, California, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Kansas, Maryland and Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota , New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Ohio, Oregon, Texas, Utah, Virginia and Washington.


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