Intel Introduces Arc Pro A-Series GPU Line for Workstations

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Intel Introduces Arc Pro A-Series GPU Line for Workstations

In 2021, Intel took on competitors AMD and NVIDIA with discrete and integrated graphics products. Indeed, the company has launched “Intel Arc”, the brand that covers the hardware and software aspects of high-end graphics cards as well as services. And the first Arc GPUs called “Alchemist” were a great success. These support hardware-based ray tracing, mesh shading, variable rate shading, and DirectX 12 Ultimate.

The company bets a lot on “Intel Arc” and recently it introduced its new “Intel Arc Pro A-series” GPU series which is not meant for gaming at all. This time around, GPUs are aimed at desktop workstations and laptops that run applications like Adobe Premiere Pro, Handbrake, and DaVinci Resolve Studio.


Everything you need to know about the “Intel Arc Pro A-Series” GPU range

The Arc Pro range arrived with three models namely the Arc Pro A40, the Arc Pro A50 for compact desktops and the Arc Pro A30M specially designed for laptops. These models offer built-in ray tracing and machine learning capabilities that are slightly different from each other. They focus on certifications with the main professional software applications in the fields of architecture, construction and engineering.

The single-slot A40 and dual-slot A50 come with 6GB of memory. The A30M with 3.50 teraflops of graphics power comes with 4GB of memory. All three models support AV1 hardware encoding acceleration and feature four mini-display ports for multiple screen configurations.

When will ‘Intel Arc Pro A-Series’ GPUs hit the market?

The “Intel Arc Pro A-Series” GPUs will be available later this year from leading partners in the mobile and desktop ecosystem. For your information, Intel is currently offering demonstrations of the Arc Pro at SIGGRAPH until August 11th.

Regarding the price of the new “Intel Arc Pro A-series” GPUs, Intel has not yet given the details. Separately, the company set low expectations for its “Alchemist” Arc GPUs but didn’t provide any performance metrics for the new lineup.


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