Hack: How to Play Doom on a Tractor

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There is a challenge in theuniverse hacking. It consists of running the game Doom on any device, like a vacuuma pregnancy test or a scientific calculator and even, in Doom himself. Today, a security researcher, who goes by the name Sick Codesmanaged to run the game on the screen of a John Deere tractor and showed the result at the Def Con conference, in Las vegas.

Getting Doom running on this screen was no small feat, as it took months to get there. It was necessary to To hack in depth the Linux system operated by the tractor. To give Doom a peasant vibe, the hacker has also changed the look of the game. It’s in a field of corn that the scenes take place and it is also on a tractor that the fights take place. Playing Doom on a tractor is just the fun side of this hack.

Hacking the system of a John Deere tractor to play Doom on its control screen is possible.© Sick Codes Twitter

“Hacker” to be able to repair a tractor

In fact, by accessing the heart of the system, it is possible to help farmers get around the blockages that prevent them from carrying out the slightest repair themselves on the tractor. To succeed, it took Sick Codes plays the iron to be soldered by directly integrating a root access on the printed circuit of the tractor.

This clamping of tractors is also of interest, as we have seen recently: the John Deere tractors stolen by the Russians in Ukraine could be blocked remotely. That said, when it comes to being able to repair a tractor yourself, in the face of criticism from farmers, John Deere announced a few months ago that it would allow independent repair shops to work on its models.

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