The Samson Switchblade flying car just received FAA clearance and can finally take off

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The Samson Switchblade flying car just received FAA clearance and can finally take off

The Samson Switchbladeit is a three-wheeled car that can transform into an airplane just by pressing a button. Recently, the vehicle has received clearance from the FAA or Federal Aviation Administration and will thus be able to take off for the first time. After 14 years of development, the designers of the Samson Switchblade are preparing for the first flight tests.

According to its creators, the Switchblade was so named because its wings appear like the blade of a knife. The tail of the craft also appears during the conversion and unfolds to form a “T”. According to the company Samson Skythe transformation takes less than 3 minutes.

Credits Samson Sky

According to Samson Sky, in airplane mode, the device fears fly up to a speed of 322 km/h.

Technical details

The Switchblade has a 1.6-litre, 3-cylinder, liquid-cooled engine. This engine runs on 91-octane which can be found at gas stations and can generate 190 horsepower. It is used as a generator and spins electric wheels in drive mode. When it’s time to fly, this generator powers an electric thruster. As the vehicle has three wheels, it will be able to be registered as a motorcycle in many regions. Its speed on the road can exceed 201 km/h.

When it comes to airplane mode, the Switchblade has a cruising speed of 257 km/h. His radius of action is 724 km with a full tank of 125 L. According to the company, it takes a runway measuring 335 m to be able to take off. On landing, you need a runway of 213 m.

For dimensions, Samson Sky’s flying car is 1.5m high, 1.8m wide and 5.1m long, when folded.

The price of the vehicle

According to estimates, the Switchblade will cost from 147,000 euro. This is quite a large sum, but we know that so far Samson has already taken reservations for 1670 units.

According to the information, this flying car will be sold in parts and it will take about 2,000 hours to assemble it at home. The company plans to set up a help center where owners can come and use the services offered so they can build their vehicle in a week. When assembly is complete, the FAA will have to inspect the aircraft for it to be registered as an experimental flying machine. You will also need to apply for a license plate to be able to drive on the roads.

Currently, the prototype of the Switchblade manufactured by Samson Sky has its flight authorization issued by the FAA. The team is preparing to fly it over the next few weeks.

SOURCE: newatlas

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